Monday, July 30, 2007

Live from Lima, A & D, misadventures in Peru

Hi friends,call me lazy and that{s fine, but below is the email my little bro sent to our family and his friends a couple hours ago that tlks about what we{ve done so far. i´ll just add this to what david said- everything is really great. i was a little nervous yesterday because we had absolutely no plan for the rest of teh week, but now that we{ve booked things through the weekend i feel like i can finally relax. in other news, david is wonderful company specifically because he is always hot and he makes my bed warm when i{m cold ( its in the 50s here which as you know is freezing to me).also, david didn{t tlak about how we almost missed our flight this morning on our way to cuzco. we got to the airport about 30 minutes before our flight and the lady at the checkin desk had to call someone to see if we were allowed on the plane. luckily, we were. as we were standing in the security line and we heard them call our names on teh loudspeaker so we cut the rest of the line, and kept our fingers crossed that we would make it thru security with all our liquids (we did, it´s funny how peru is the opposite of america somethimes, we didn{t even have to take off our shoes!) when we got thru security we ran past a man who asked what airline we were on. we shouted starperu! and kept going full speed ahead. after a second, i realized he had started running too. he caught up with us and then led us outside onto the run way where our plane was literally waiting for us. as soon as we got to our seats in the back row the plane started moving. it was ridiculous. all´s well now. we´re hoping to feel good enough totnight (righ tnow both david and i are feeling the effects of the elevation here ) to find some live music and then we´re off to manchu picchu in the morning. enjoy david´s comical account of our trip so far, alisonhola everybody. como estas this is david updating you on the peruvian experience. now i know, your all used to adams long novels about his trips but i can promise you this will be short juicy and sweet...LIKE ME. please ignore all punctuation mistakes because this keyboard only has a period button.hey everyone, alison and i arrived in lima yesterday, and may i say we weren ot impressed. the streets were ugly, the city ugly, even the people...notso good looking. we stayed in a hotel that are taxi driver conned us into,we were just so tired from our 4 stop flight, miami to nicaragua, to elsalvador to lima, we just didnt care. my sis and i walked around the city , i ate some native macaroni and cheese while she had some canned beans due to herorthadoxey. we were at the hotel by 7 and both asleep by 8pm body were tired. today we awoke and boarded the noisiest plane ever to go from god forsaken lima to beautiful hilly cusco. as we flew over alison would make me pull my nose out of the 7th harry potter to peer out at the beautiful mountains we were flying over. for those of you that are curious, im on page 96 of the 7th harry potter, finished the 6th yesterday and it is goooooooooood. Anyway, we arrived in cusco, the land of milk and honey, and proceeded to our really really awesome cute, quaint, adorable youth hostel thats filled with little trinkets and toys to play with. as i walked out of the cab naucious as hell from the elevation sickness, i realized my camera fell out of my pocket. So my fat body and i started sprinting down the streets of cusco to catch the taxi....i caught up to it, banged on the window...but it was not the right guy...this guy had a moustache, the other guy didnt. thats how i differentiate people here, by moustache. the very nice people at the hostile asked what happened and i told them as they walked me back to the hostel, then WONDER OF WONDERS MIRACLES OF MIRACLES the ta xi pulled into our area again. the cute hostel host stopped him with my help and he drove us to a laundromat where some lady had it. AFTER that alison and i had lunch, i had some sort of a mushroom, eggplant, thoujsand vegetable sandwich, ali had pbj. now we´re in our room, me in the lobby, chewing on glucose tablets to get rid of our elev a tion sickness for we are off for two days to montchupiechu tomorrow. keep you updated, we have a phone number it is 51195719195 know to dial out to us you need 001, i dont know how it works to dial us, but we have free incoming calls, so those of us who owe me a phone call, speaking to one specific person here, grab a phone card and hit us up.gonna peruze around the town tonight, so pray we don´t get kidnapped.peace and love the ones the onlies,david and alison benjamin heather schwartzbaum.


Lori said...

Hi Aunt Bonnie!
I stumbled onto your blog from Adam's. Great idea. I can't wait for Thanksgiving, to see everyone, to hang out on the boat, to soak up the Miami rays, and of course to eat! (where are mini hot dogs?)

Love ya,

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